Performance ignition systems


PowerTEC Ltd is a company with great experience in manufacturing ignition systems. We specialize in the production of ignition lead sets and coils.
Thanks to improved technology, years of experience and reliable suppliers we are able to manufacture high quality ignition systems at competitive prices. PowerTEC offers the widest range of ignition lead sets covering most OE sets in Europe. Our catalogue covers resistive cables, sport series for performance, as well as copper core cables.

Strict quality control ensures the highest quality levels. All Powertec products carry a 2-years-warranty. All our components meet the international standards SAEJ557, SAE J2031, ISO 3808.

The conductor made with Kevlar, impregnated with carbon ensure there is no electrical interference, it is durable and resistant to damages. PowerTEC sets made with copper core cable are made with suppressed spark plug and distributor connectors to ensure that no electrical interference is experienced, such as RFI/EMI.

PowerTEC uses Silicone to obtain the best electrical isolation properties, high temperature resistance and a longer life time. Thanks to a reliable suppliers base, gained over many years working together, we can assure the highest quality of our products.

Our offer
PowerTEC offers the widest range of ignition lead sets in Europe, using cables with a Kevlar core, Copper core or Sport/Racing style conductor. Moreover we include options for the customers so they can choose from Semi-tailored sets, Multi-fit sets, O.E-Style sets or single lead cables.